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Airline Travel

I like having the Delta American Express card to get points on everyday purchases to put towards my flights. I had the standard gold card for 2 years and recently upgraded to the reserve. Even with the high yearly fee, I find that it has saved me money with the extra benefits.

I book only delta for international flights they are nice and I have never had any issues

I will usually fly to Atlanta airport for departure internationally rather than Denver because it is cheaper. Even with having to buy the extra flight to Atlanta, I will typically save $200-$400.

With my Delta American Express I have access to Delta sky lounges and Centurion lounge which is nice for long layovers. They have free food, alcoholic beverages, showers, and a business center.

Another thing I like about Delta is the assigned seating. This is especially nice for when you forget to check in and are traveling with someone. You will always still have a seat next to them. A nice perk Delta offers is to choose your seat when you book your flight.

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