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Hotel bookings

I typically like to make hotel bookings on so I can get rewards like 1 free night for every 10 nights

I also like due to all the filters you can apply to find your perfect accommodation

I’ve recently began using Marriott Bonvoy program to earn points through them. Most times we typically end up in A Marriott so I figured I would try this out.

A tip for hotel cancellations :

If for some reason you need to cancel a hotel reservation and the hotel wants to charge you a cancellation fee because your check in date is in less than 24 hours, don’t cancel it yet. Change the date of the reservation further out then cancel it to avoid the fee

Many times when we are in a foreign country where we can’t even get by with the language we will often make our hotel reservation to include breakfast.

I will so this depending on where we travel and the safety concern of traveling alone to places such as a restauran.

My favorite place we have included our breakfast was the Marriot Mena House in Cairo. The best breakfast!!

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